Concrete Cleaning

cleaner doing power washing stairs

We don’t want to fall into specifics here by naming this section parking lot cleaning or driveway cleaning. Cleaning concrete floors is a pretty tall task. Especially if you are trying to get the job done with a mop and just a bucket. The reason why we say that is because your mop is probably going to be pretty beaten down after you go through some rough concrete. At the end of the day, you are just not going to be able to get all of the dirt out or anything like that. Pressure washing is the best way to go mainly because it is the only way that you are guaranteed results!

Cleaning All Sorts of Concrete Surfaces

There are plenty of talented people that are very capable of creating concrete surfaces that don’t really look like concrete surfaces. Decorative and stamped concrete designs have become a main staple of suburban America in the last couple of decades. Some of the benefits of these types of concrete surfaces are that you are going to be getting all of the durability of your typical grayish concrete surface with a unique look. This also means that you are going to be able to pressure wash these areas without fear of anything bad actually happening.

Concrete Cleaning Indoors

Can we clean concrete surfaces indoors? The answer is yes, but we are going to have to use different types of techniques may be a soft wash or steam cleaning. Just because we don’t want to get water on carpets or any other area. It really depends on where the concrete surface is actually going to be located. Give us a call and we are going to be able to come by and pay you a visit. Once we get a chance to look at the situation we will let you know what we think can be done.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you look at a video, especially a time-lapse video of someone pressure washing an area you are going to be able to see how all of the dirt and things start literally peeling off the surface thanks to the water pressure. Very few surfaces go through such a dramatic change thanks to pressure washing as tile and grout floors do. These floors are known for collecting a lot of different types of debris in the joint points between the tiles. The best way to really get proper cleaning done is to pressure wash the area.

Cleaning Large Areas

Over the years we have had the privilege of working on a wide variety of different areas. To be honest with concrete it is one of those surfaces that we really don’t have to be too concerned about using too much pressure. That is really going to allow us to be able to take care of larger areas in a shorter amount of time. Give us a call and let us know what type of surface we are going to be dealing with.